Tacoma, Washington

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About Twin County Schutzhund Club



Tacoma, Washington

TWIN COUNTY SCHUTZHUND CLUB (TCSC) was established and incorporated in 1978 in Shelton, Washington. The founding members of this organization developed by-laws according to the finest traditions of dog training as a whole and schutzhund training specifically.

TCSC held trials and the members gained points for the Sports Medals awarded by two separate schutzhund organizations. Beginning in 1981, TCSC became a full member club with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA).TCSC held no less than two trials a year. As active dog trainers, the members of TCSC progressed through all levels of schutzhund all the way to SchH III/IPO III, FH. 

TCSC became one of the largest, most active USA clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Twin County Schutzhund Club became known as a progressive and aggressive group who pursue dog training goals and new ideas with an uncommon fervor.

We are proud of our home-trained, home-bred dogs titled at our trials and at other trials in the region. To date, TCSC has accomplished more than 90+ schutzhund titles including SchH I, II, III, FH and IPO. In addition, the club members have also garnered over 350 other titles in many different disciplines of dog work. Though USA's focus is on the German Shepherd Dog, we promote and encourage all breeds of working dogs. We've come to respect and understand the differences as well as the similarities among the breeds.


Our horizons extend to the AKC and UKC ring with champions of record, obedience title holders, and tracking title holders; Search Dogs providing public service and enhancing the image of the breeds involved; herding instinct certifications and herding titles serving to preserve the basic instincts bred into the herding breeds now serving as guardians and companions; and advanced agility skills (a must for any working dog). 

"We support the total working dog and good canine citizenship." 

TCSC has hosted events in addition to our schutzhund trials that include the Canine Good Citizen tests, American Temperament Test Society test, American Herding Breed Association tests and trials, Agility workshops, AKC tracking certifications, Tattoo clinics, and tracking classes.

Now training in Tacoma, Washington Twin County Schutzhund Club trains throughout the year. The club training day is Sunday beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending when every dog is done. All three phases of the schutzhund work are practiced on the full training day. The members train during the week on their own in reduced versions of the primary training day. Business meetings (a vital process for any active club) are held on the second Sunday of each month. Participation in the training and the business is expected. Our fund raising efforts require full membership cooperation and support. We continually need funds to buy equipment and finance the trials we hold once or twice a year. We also must support our land fund. This is TCSC's dream: a field of our own. 

As you can see, TCSC is an independent group who wish to learn more, train more, gain more while we love and admire the animals that make it all possible: our dogs. We invite anyone who feels the same to join us. For more information please visit our CONTACT and MEMBERSHIP pages.