November 2018 Twin County Trial



When Twin County Schutzhund Club has a Trial.

What a beautiful day on November 17, 2018! Even the geese celebrated. And this tracking dog? He’s busy on the track and doesn’t pay any attention. Such good work.



We were happy to celebrate having Paul Schneider, USCA trial judge, with us in the sunshine and with his clever pen to judge our small trial to end the 2018 year.  For our members and for our entries the day moved along well and success stood out to all. It was a great day.



We thank Bill Brimberry for showing us his IPO 3 dog’s performance in tracking, obedience and protection. As highest scoring IPO 3 that team gave us encouragement to keep working ahead. 



Our unique and new entry of the StP 1, James Moore and Liska gave it a good try. This is something we may try in the future. Thank you Liska. 



Our Canadian friend, Dorwin Anderson came with Nash to wow us with his tracking and good work in obedience and protection. Nash and Dorwin showed off some good work all the way around and we appreciated his support. 


In addition to the “big guys” we had our BH entries to complete the trial’s performances. Dana and Katherine shined on that shiny street after a good performance on the field. Good work ma’am.

 So to all who were there, to all who entered, to all who supported TCSC…THANK YOU from all of Twin County Schutzhund Club. 

2018 Trial Video